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Match Point

The world lost a good man last night. Les Phipps, you were a gem. You had a very crazy, dry sense of humor that made many of us laugh. I have memories of you from my childhood that I will never forget and I’m glad you were a part of my life.

Tennis. What a sport. You taught me to love the game, and you even gave me my very first racquet when I was 14 years old… yes, I still have it. I have always held it dear, but now it means even more.

I write these words with tears because you are missed already. I look forward to meeting with you again someday on the other side of Heaven. My heart hurts for your dear Mary Lou, but I know she holds the same hope as I do. We will see you again.

You were a good man, Les Phipps. I am grateful to have known you.


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