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Mrs. Forbes

Heard word today that a beloved woman from my childhood passed away last night after a fierce battle with cancer. Her name was Carol Forbes. I’ve known Carol since before I could remember. She played the piano for our church, taught my Sunday School class when I was in elementary, and introduced me to the amazing hymns of Fanny J. Crosby. My friend Marti posted beautiful thoughts about this woman, and so many people from my childhood have responded with their memories. It was a beautiful time of reflection with people from across the miles who had a common bond in that this one woman cared for each of these people in one way, shape or form at some point in their lives; be it childhood, teenage years, or adulthood. She invested a great amount of time and heart into peoples’ lives. What an amazing woman.

When I was 9 years old, I sang my first solo at church – Saviour Like a Shepherd Lead Us and Carol played the piano for me. Quite an appropriate song as she’s the one who taught so many of us kids to memorize Psalm 23 – “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He restores my soul…..”

Carol was one of those women that invested time into peoples’ lives, and I know that when folks will gather around to say their good-byes in a few days, countless stories will be told by each person as to how Carol touched their lives. Countless stories. She was an amazing human being with a heart as big as the great outdoors, and had a love for her Saviour that was precious and contagious.

Carol, you were a huge part of my growing up days in church, and I thank you for the sweet role you played in my life. I saw you at mom and dad’s 50th anniversary party a few years ago. What a lovely reunion it was, for I hadn’t seen you in years. I hope I said thank you for everything; I fear I may not have because as a dear friend said so perfectly today – “she was just one of those people you took for granted would always be around.”

You’re with your Saviour now, completely whole. No more pain, no more sadness, no more tears. Your beloved Skip I’m sure misses you like crazy, but he knows he will see you again. For that is the hope that we all hold onto dearly. We will meet again, and what a lovely reunion that will be. Until then, I will cry tears with our friends here who love you and miss you very much. Rest in peace, sweet lady. Until Jesus returns, or calls us home….. you are in my heart, Mrs. Forbes.

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