In Honor of a Most Remarkable Lady

In honor of someone whose voice has won over several folks throughout decades, and whose kindness seems to emanate on screen and even in personal interviews – I write this blog post about her today. This lady was someone who was a very huge part of my childhood. She entered into my world when I was a mere 7 years old. On a Sunday in March for several years, I found myself in front of the television watching the classic musical that became my favorite of all time. It was the year 1988 when I saved up all of my babysitting money and bought this movie; a double VCR tape set. I watched it so much that it skips at the beginning and sounds awful; but oh, it’s such a treasure. My family endured many days as they would hear me practicing many of her songs with all of my heart (that part of my life helps me understand my daughter’s passion for performance today; and Jainie – thank you for enduring the most as you could hear me best on the other side of the wall in your room). From Broadway to love songs to Christmas music, I would come to memorize music that is still a part of my thoughts today. Although I no longer own a cassette player, I still own a 1987 cassette tape with some real gems on it. I’m playing her music on iTunes as I write this. I’ve been thrown back in time.

In my life, way back when, I treasured her as Maria, Mary, Eliza and even Gillian (opposite Jack Lemmon in an 80s movie that I watched so much that I’m sure if I had asked, the VCR rental store would have given that tape to me). People from my childhood, my undergrad days, and even Ohio days, know the significance of today. Julie Andrews, Happy 80th Birthday, dear lady. If you only knew the impact you made on the life of this kid from Indiana. You will always be a treasure.


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