Sailing With No Wind

About 10 years ago, I played soccer with a girl who said that a guy she worked with asked if she knew anyone who would want to play softball. I was totally up for it, and it was in May of 2005 that I walked onto a field to play ball with complete strangers, not knowing at all that these people would end up becoming some of the dearest friends in my life. It was that day that I met Ron Olah. A good guy. He played short stop. I got to eventually play opposite him at 2nd base. He would eventually one day call me “sis.”

I was invited to central teaching several weeks in a row, and I finally gave in and said I would attend. My first Sunday there I sat with the home church folks, and then sat with Ron and Sue on the deck out back, ate dinner from the grill, and we talked until the sun set. I remember that first Sunday as if it were yesterday. To this day, grill season at Xenos holds a dear place in my heart.

That summer, Ron and Sue even came to a soccer game and watched my team that sucked. But they were there, and they were kind. They were reaching out to me, and I think back and remember how thoughtful I thought they were.

I was invited several times to home church. It took until December of that year for me to decide I wanted to be vulnerable enough to attend home church. It was at their house. What a welcoming place. To this day, I love going back for home church at their house. I was there with Mathilda this past March. Home church at the Olah home will never be the same. It will still be so welcoming, but a hug from my brother when I walk through that door will forever be missed.

Ron was a good man. He loved Jesus with all of his heart and he tried to reach out to people in order to grow the Kingdom of God. He will be missed. I am more than thankful that I was given the privilege to be his friend, his softball teammate, a part of his home church, and a sister in the Body of Christ.

Ron, the news of your very unexpected passing today took my breath away, and completely removed the wind from my sails. Ron, I will miss you terribly. I already do.


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