Two words – Bernie Sanders

I can’t really put my feelings or thoughts into words, but I will do the best I can to put them on this proverbial paper.

Bernie Sanders. There’s something in my gut that tells me he’s the real thing. I can’t explain it, but there’s something about what he stands for that really makes me want to stand by him. He’s tired of the rich getting richer. He wants good things for education. He’s worried about the future of our environment (look at Vermont for Pete’s sake – beautiful). He’s a politician that seems to care about the “little people.” I want to do something for his campaign, but I freak out when it comes to knowing how to voice my opinion. I’ve never been good at voicing my opinion in politics. I can’t even voice it here on the computer where there is no one to argue with me. But I want to do something for his campaign. I want to do what Donna did for Josh on the West Wing. I want to walk into a campaign office and start answering the phone and just work for his campaign. I believe in the guy. I even contributed money to his campaign; that’s something I have never done in my whole voting life. Sure, I know the House can get in his way from doing what he really wants to do if/when he’s in office (that’s the reality of our system), but at least he really wants to try. There’s something so “granola” and natural about the guy compared to the rest of the crew that’s running the race.

I want to try to spread the word, but I’m not sure how to without getting into debate with people. People have to know about this guy. I attempted a post on Facebook this morning to at least put Bernie’s name out there. I know that many people from my past may completely disagree with me, and that makes me sad. This guy is so worth reading about and actually giving him a chance, but they’ll chalk it up to him being a democrat, and that will be the blinders they put into place and never give him a second thought. Come on, people! What about standing beside a guy who actually might stand for you? Someone who stands for someone other than himself.

So, those are my two cents for now.


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