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Shall We Look Back?

It’s New Year’s Eve. I always love looking back at the year on New Year’s Eve. My sister and I have loved this sentimentality for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite New Year’s Eve memories with her was watching some made for TV Liberace movie and the song “I’ll Be Seeing You” struck some chords in our souls and we have since loved that song and loved that memory. Jainie, I love you.

I look back at 2014 with a mix of fond memories as well as heart ache for the lost people in my life.

First, my parents celebrated 50 amazing years of marriage. The toasts that they deserve for 50 years are beyond count. Here’s to many more years, you sweet people.

I went to Italy. It was a life long dream that came true as I trekked over the ocean with some dear friends from grad school. It was an experience that I can never put into words, but I know that it changed my life on many levels.

I turned 40. I love milestones. Looking at my 30s had me in awe. David and I moved to New York City (the untouchable city that this little girl from Indiana never dreamed of visiting let alone living in). I had a baby who changed my life beyond words and taught me more about myself, love and grace in 3 little years than I think I had ever learned in the 37 years prior to her birth. Forty was huge for me. The days leading up to my birthday had me in a weird place thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m getting older. Stop world. Please slow down for one minute.” And then the day arrived and I said, “Come on world, bring it.” And I’ve been feeling the “bring it” attitude since. Forty has been good thus far.

Lost some dear souls this year. Peggy Keeton, the memories I have of you in my life go way back to junior high days. You have always held a very dear place in my heart. Maudine Fee, although I only knew you for a few short years, I feel as though I had known you for a lifetime. You both are whole in the presence of Jesus. I miss you both and I love you dearly.

Got to see Carol Burnett live on stage. For those of you who have known me for several years in my life know that this was something that made me giddy with glee like a kid in a candy shop. Words could not describe the joy that was felt as I sat in the same room with this person.

November marked 20 years that David and I have been together and December marked 18 years of marriage. Where did that time go? Grand Rapids, Columbus, New York City… what’s next I wonder?

Looking ahead to 2015.

I’ll graduate from grad school this year. Wow! That has been a journey. Although there have been times I thought I would lose my mind through the whole experience, I found myself telling people that I was actually having fun and having the time of my life. And it’s true. I love grad school. Looking forward to the doors that may open because of it.

As I look back to when I was a kid and all the grown ups saying “time goes faster the older you get,” I feel as though they were right. It’s flying by and flying fast. Not sure how to hold onto it sometimes. I guess live one day at a time and treasure each day for all that it’s worth. God is good. In the midst of the crazy, the sad, the adventure, the challenge, the amazing and the fun… God is very good. His sustaining grace moves me beyond words. And with that I’ll end my thoughts for this past year and move onto the next.

Happy New Year!

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Feeling Empowered

I have a professor who makes me feel as though I can conquer my greatest fears. She’s an advocate for her students. She listens to some of my craziest ideas, unfinished sentences and feelings of inadequacy. She makes me feel as though she has my back and processes things with me. I think I can speak on behalf of my classmates when saying that she is an amazing person and teacher. And I do know that some of us wish she was our BFF.

I am thankful that I am going through this semester with her at the head of the class. I have been stretched beyond comprehension and have come to the end of this part of the tunnel a completely different person.

Thanks, Vicki. For everything.

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