Hearts Are Breaking

My friend’s mother is slowly passing away as I type this blog. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years back, and we have watched her decline from her sharp, witty, clever self for awhile now. She’s a sweet soul, and my heart is broken for my friend and his family as they watch his mother pass and wait to say final good-byes. (Another person passing in my life who has been struck by a sad disease that just takes them away slowly from the people who love them.) I hate this fallen world. I hate the pain. I hate the suffering. I know that while my friend’s heart breaks, God’s heart breaks, too. He hates how fallen this world is; hence the reason He sent His Son. There’s hope for her; she’ll be with Jesus. She’ll be whole again. She’ll be sharp, clever and witty again. Her husband has Alzheimer’s. He’s still sharp enough to know that he’s losing his best friend down here on this earth – his beloved love of his life. God, hold on tight to that man. God, hold on tight to my friend whose parents are slowly leaving. They were his first friends. Be with my friend as his very first friend in the whole world will be leaving soon. But thank you for the grace that you give in abundance as their hearts are breaking. Love on them with everything You are, please.


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