Ah, Voting

Ah, politics. The thing that gets people so uptight. I hate politics. I hate discussing them because they create a tension that divides people and turns friends, and sometimes even family, against each other because neither side really takes the time to hear the other person’s thoughts.

I grew up voting one party and my thoughts and beliefs have evolved into voting for the other as I have gotten older. Have I turned my back on my core beliefs? No. Not at all. I am in disbelief how I used to judge folks though for voting differently. Now I hope that I don’t judge as I used to and I’ll just vote the way I believe.

When it comes down to it, here’s the bottom line – we live in an ugly, fallen, screwed up world that tries to fix itself by relying on mortal man. The only thing that can fix this country and this world is the love of Jesus. Until that is realized, there will still be tension, there will still be politics and people will still be divided.

I will cast my vote today. A privilege fought for and I am thankful. And as a woman in this country, an additional thankfulness because I know women in other countries today don’t have that honor…. yet.

Until the Kingdom of God reigns beautifully upon this earth… Onward!


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