Peaceful Weekend

We had a really good weekend this weekend; we meaning Mathilda and myself. I’ve been having the toughest time with her lately because of her 3 1/2-ness, but this weekend was an amazing weekend of listening and no tension. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it was pleasant and I felt like she and I were functioning together well as two people. Was it a fluke, or is she slowly growing out of the ugly 3’s?

I woke up this morning hoping for a good listening morning and although she took a really long time to get dressed, I didn’t lose my cool. I just dealt with it and we had a really good morning, even though we were running late.

I’ve been stressed out beyond words with school this semester and sometimes Mathilda’s 3 year old shenanigans set me off easier than someone in “normal” circumstances. But not this weekend. I felt a lot of peace and we had a really great two days. I didn’t get a lot of school work done because David was gone a lot, but I did get quality time with my kid and that is what I hold in higher regard.

Thankful. I did say thanks to God a lot because I think He was pouring through me and was in the weekend a lot just laying a hand of care, patience and gentleness upon us. I think the good weekend was a combination of a lot of things; two being God and the way life just works as 3 year olds grow.

Onward! I pray for grace in advance
as school gets busier and the rest of
my life stays the same pace as I wear my “hats.”



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