She Turned 2

My sweet girl turned 2 on Monday. I’m torn. The terrible two’s are driving me crazy already, but then she’s really fantastic all at the same time.

I’m writing this at 7:06am after getting up with her before 6:00 because she was being fussy and screamed in my face because she didn’t get her way. I hate the terrible 2’s and her not knowing how to communicate her frustration.

That’s the part of 2 that I hate. I hate being screamed at, I hate being hit in the face. And I know we just need to teach her not to do that, but in the meantime, I hate it.

And then on the other side of it, so many people say to me, “Oh, I love 2!” “Oh, I miss 2.” While she’s amazing and I’m fascinated by her, what is there about 2 to love? Some seasoned mom may read this and say, “Oh, you’ll see.” I’m sure you’re right, but right now, I’m annoyed.

My good friend Theresa said that you have to win the battles when they’re this young. These battles are insane, but she must be right because all 3 of her boys have turned out to be incredible people (shout out to you Theresa if you’re reading this).

I love my girl. I love her tons. She is amazing. She is cute. She does melt my heart. My eye is just doing the proverbial twitch right now from being up early and dealing with a 2 year old. Good grief.


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