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She Loves Cat

She Loves Cat

This is my sweet girl opening and loving Cat on Christmas morning. This made my day. She’s delightful. She’s my joy.

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December 27, 2012 · 10:42 pm

Time for Reflection

I’m sitting here by the Christmas tree wrapped up in a blanket reflecting on this past year. Where has it gone? Time used to stand still for me, but the older I get, the more quickly life slips by like sand through my fingers.

I have especially noticed the time slipping by gauging the past year by looking at my daughter’s life. She was 9 1/2 months last Christmas. She had just learned to pull herself up the week before, had only one tooth, had hardly any hair and still taking disaster naps that only lasted 45 minutes at the most. Today as I write, my sweet 21 1/2 month old sweet girl is upstairs napping (and has been for 90 minutes) is walking, talking, laughing, playing jokes, eating real
food with 12 teeth, has a full head of beautiful blonde hair and loves life with all of her energy.

I look back at this year and am thankful for one of the richest  blessings of my entire life. I prayed for a baby and God responded kindly. She is growing into an incredible human being, and my heart is full of rich, deep love for her. I have been stretched beyond comprehension, but have found that this journey with my girl has been one of the most amazing soul searching journeys of my life.

I look back at this year with my beloved husband. We’ll celebrate 16 years of marriage this Thursday. Talk about soul searching journeys. We have been through rough patches, moves to bigger cities and the birth of our little girl. We’ve grown throughout these 16 years, have been stretched beyond comprehension and have a rich and deep love for each other that moves my heart. I am thankful for grace. God has been good to us.

… the next day …

Merry Christmas! Back in the same room with the tree. Gram is attempting to put M down for a nap; there could be a nap strike upon us. We’ll see.

Great morning with Dav and my girl. M opened her Cat in the Hat doll and loved it instantly. She ate our traditional french toast breakfast with us which made us very happy (you never know what a 21 month old will do) and opened gifts from my sisters. While she was playing with one of those toys, Dav and I were able to take our time opening our gifts. A really delightful morning. Had a great time.

Looking forward to Christmas dinner tonight with the in-laws. It will be fantastic and fun, I’m sure.

There’s my Christmas reflection. See you at New Year’s.

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