Remembering That Day

I was sitting at work in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when Kristi Burghart came to my desk and asked me for my radio because a plane had just hit one of the trade towers. What? What happened? We all turned on radios, and on all 4 floors of that phone company you could hear the news. No one talked. We all just listened. We all worked the rest of the day and listened. I got home and watched the news. Same pictures and stories over and over, but I couldn’t turn away.

The theatre company I was involved in at the time was running its week of dress rehearsal before we were to open Snoopy: The Musical on Friday night. I had been crying at home, I was crying while driving to the theatre, and all of us were in a very somber mood at the theatre. How were we supposed to sing fun, happy Charlie Brown songs on this day? It was our accompanist who started playing God Bless America and we all chimed in. We all sang our hearts out. We talked about it. Those of us who wanted to pray prayed. It was rather therapeutic.

We opened the show that weekend, and I can’t tell you how many people said that it was nice to end the week on such a good note.

I won’t forget that day.


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