They Said Yes

I am pleased to say that I will be attending grad school this fall at Pratt Institute.

People have said that they aren’t surprised that I was accepted. I am though. I had a fear that for some random reason they would say, “Sorry.” But they didn’t. They said “Congratulations” and I am more than pleased.

I’m excited about what I will get to study. I’m excited that I’ll get to work in Preservation everyday. I’m excited about the doors this degree will open be it here in the City or another town or city if we end up moving away. I don’t have to be stuck at entry level admin for the rest of my life. I actually get to have a career. At 38 years of age I will begin the path to this career. Nice. Who would have thought it would take me this long to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life?

Onward we go to an exciting and challenging adventure.


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One response to “They Said Yes

  1. windy

    It’s never too late to learn! I love that you were looking for what you wanted to do and you finally found it! You inspired me!

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