It has been submitted

Well, I did it. I’ve just applied for grad school at Pratt. I was hung up on a stupid paragraph. I was annoyed that it took me so long, but when I look back at what I wrote, I think there was a reason why it took me so long to get it right. I couldn’t just say stuff. I think it really had to come from my heart. Here’s the paragraph that I wrote tonight while listening to 2 of my favorite Cold Play songs:

History has always been a hobby, a pastime. I didn’t realize until I moved to NYC that it could become a part of my everyday work life. A friend of mine said that historians don’t just know about history, they live it. They love it. I have been offered the opportunity to grow in my career in a field that I have always loved. I have always been moved by stories about the past. Moved by the people who once lived in the buildings that remain standing. The past is extremely significant in our present day world, and in our future. The past is why we are here today. Everything from unique architecture to artifacts; they tell stories. They give us the key to a world that was never documented like our world is today. My brother-in-law has a journal from an ancestor who was a drummer boy in the Civil War. I was able to hold this journal last summer and read through its pages. A 12 year-old boy wrote about his experience in the Civil War. I can still remember the feeling of awe as I slowly turned the pages while reading the very faint writing. I was holding on to a glimpse of the past that only a few people have ever had the chance to read. A historical society in Warsaw, Indiana, is helping preserve that journal. That is what I want to be involved in, preserving the past.

Now, let’s see what Pratt has to say.

To be continued…


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  1. Theresa Moon


    This so fits my sentimental friend.

    I love you,

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