Grad School – Why Exactly?

Why do I want to go to grad school? I need a change. I need some joy in my work life. I need to be able to be something other than an administrative assistant. The only roles I’ve ever played in the working world are receptionist, data entry and administrative assistant. There’s no career in that. It’s not exciting. It’s filing, faxing, copying and setting up meetings. I need a challenge.

What about getting my hands dirty? Working with archaeologists and historians can help me do just that. I can research old buildings and artifacts and work hands on in history.

I’m supposed to write a statement of purpose for my grad school application. I’m having a  hard time putting into words the reason I want to get a degree in Historic Preservation. Is it just because I want “out?” Out of my current boring, unchallenging day to day world, or is it because I really want to be a historian. Deep down in my heart I’ve always loved the past; the old things, the old buildings, the stories of people from centuries ago. Now I’m needing to put these thoughts and feelings on paper for the world of academia to understand. I’m having trouble with it.

Thoughts anyone?


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