Running… A forgotten joy

I’ve started running again. It’s an amazing joy. I started running regularly in 2000 after I decided that my body was in seriously poor shape. (Seriously, I was out of breath with aching shoulders after going up 5 steps of a staircase). I started reading copies of my sister’s Runner’s World magazines, bought my own subscription, and started running. I also changed my eating habits, and after about a year’s time lost 30 pounds. It was nice.

I ran for years, but quit for a little while after moving to our current neighborhood, and after feeling like garbage again, began running every morning until about a week after I found out I was pregnant. I stopped because my body felt too funky to run comfortably.

Then, my daughter turned a year old and I was feeling funky and fat and said, “Can’t feel this way anymore” and I did something crazy. I signed up for a half marathon. What? Crazy, but fantastic. So I’m starting to run again. My friend Cliff, who I call “coach,” calls it training to train. I’m running the half with my sister-in-law and I’m excited. It’s up in New Hampshire by the ocean and the thought of it brings me joy.

Just getting outside in this spring weather makes me happy in the first place, but adding running and health to it is a bonus.

Ah, sweet running, I had forgotten the joy.



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