Meeting Expectations

I sit with my daughter and sometimes wonder if I’m the mother that I’m supposed to be for her. I find myself wondering if I meet all the expectations that the world has on parents. Am I feeding her the right amount of things – a good enough variety. Am I spending enough quality time with her? Do I read to her enough; granted her small 11 month old attention span is hard to sit with and read to, but I know she likes it. Is Sesame Street in the morning too much TV in the small 2 hour window we get between wake up and my going to work? Is she dressed warmly enough? Am I observant enough about her teeth coming in; do I notice that she might be in pain when she’s cutting teeth? Am I spending enough quality time with her when I get home at night; even though we only have about 45 minutes together?

And sometimes I think that I need to be raising this extraordinary kid; that her intelligence has everything to do with what I do with her now. Sure, I need to take care of my kid; she needs to be healthy and happy and loved. And she is all of those things. Her dad and I do our best to keep her healthy, happy and loved. And if you saw her amazing smiling face with those fantastic, bright eyes, you’d see that she might just be one of the happiest babies you’d ever encountered in your life. And then as she grows older, I’ll do my best to help her be the person she’s made to be. When she needs help with reading, math, English, social studies, science, music…. I’ll do my best to help. When she hits geometry though, she has to go to her dad. (*wink/smile*)

I don’t have to succumb to any pressure from society who thinks that I need to buy anything they’re selling to make sure my kid is raised to meet their standards. Her dad and I are pretty darn happy with the person she’s becoming. She’s a sharp kid, she doesn’t miss a thing (I’m quoting her Gram). It’s true. She’s very smart. I’m proud of that. That’s my kid. That’s MY kid. She’s fantastic, and I’ll go along with my life being the mom that I know how to be.



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2 responses to “Meeting Expectations

  1. Meg

    Thanks for sharing this, my dear. You are exactly the mother you’re supposed to be! Love you.

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