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She Did It

So I’m standing here at the bus stop when Dav calls. He said, “The most amazing thing just happened!” He sounded like he couldn’t contain his joy. He then proceeded to tell me that while he was standing at the kitchen sink, Mathilda was scaling the cupboards and walls (as she often will do when she wants to walk instead of crawl). He then turned around and saw Mathilda walking from the refrigerator to the sink… on her own. She had no prodding from anyone. She just decided to have a go at this walking thing that we’ve been working on for weeks. It was almost as if her cute little brain was saying, “Hm… I bet I
could get there faster if I walked.” And 12 days before her 1st birthday, she did just that.

We’re proud of our girl. She’s growing up.

I spent my lunch today walking in the park talking to God. I found myself thanking Him over and over for that precious little girl. She’s a gift, an incredible gift.

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Looking Back

The phrase “a year ago today” has been a part of my thoughts lately.

A year ago today was our first meeting with Gillian our doula. We still had a few weeks to go before Mathilda was born.

I’m all about milestones. I love them. I love birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and any sort of occasion to look back and reflect and then look forward to achieve. Mathilda will be 1 in a couple of weeks. I’m rather emotional about the whole thing now with looking back on the soul searching journey I’ve gone through with her; first, while being pregnant and second, going through this intensely, amazing first year of her life. I can’t even begin to imagine what my emotions will be like on March 11 when we celebrate.

I’ll definitely be posting about that day when it arrives. Stay tuned…

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I’d Rather Be…

…knitting or crocheting right now.

I’ve never felt that way before. However, now that I’ve made my new resolution, I find myself wanting to just stop what I’m doing in the middle of my work day and just knit or crochet.

My friend Dina found this knitting book called “Knitting Rules” and there’s a section in it that covers this very subject… about the desire to knit no matter where you are. I have never quite understood this obsession… until now.

The sweater I’m working on is quite the challenge for me and I’m enjoying it. Crocheting is quirky for me, and I desire to master it.

I know of at least one person who will read this post and will give a whole-hearted nod in agreement.

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Crafty Resolution

On New Year’s Eve, David asked me what I had planned for the year ahead. One of the things I listed in my resolution was to do more knitting. And now I’m making a sweater for Mathilda.

In addition to knitting, I have learned to crochet. Just made a cowl for a friend and happy with my beginner results.

2012 is starting out just the way I was hoping. Now to keep it up.

Stay tuned…

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11 months

She’s 11 months old today. I’m amazed that the time has flown so quickly.

Two things happened today that made me melt. 1. she walked into the pantry (by scaling the wall of course) and was looking up at the shelf that holds her snacks. I asked her what she was doing in the pantry and with the most innocent expression on her face, she looked up at me and made the sign for “more” (which in her mind means “eat” or “snacks”). How could I say no to that sweet little face and that amazing communication? And 2. we walked and walked and walked with her walker that she got for Christmas. She used to be very unstable with it. She used to have hardly any control with her speed and the walker always got away from her. Today she walked with great control and I was so impressed with how far my sweet girl has come. She still needs to learn to turn corners, but we’re taking this one step at a time (with no pun intended).

11 months. I think I’m a little emotional about it. She’s growing up into a sweet and amazing little person. I am blessed beyond measure.

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Closure and a Milestone

The football season came to a close last night very disappointingly when the Pats lost to the Giants. Sadness. We hoped that they could redeem themselves after 4 years ago.

Oh well, better things happened last night during the game…

Mathilda started standing on her own last night; and not just for 2 seconds at a time either, probably 5 or 6 seconds, maybe longer. It was great! She really started to get her balance and it was sweet to watch. We kept cheering for her during each attempt and she would smile and giggle every time she’d fall into my arms.

Closure and a milestone all in one evening. Onward we go to walking and getting ready for another season.

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Quick, joyful thought

We didn’t wake up until 7:00 today. Joyous. No waking up at 5:20 to shush kiddo back to sleep and hoping for another half hour. Solid sleep until 7:00. I feel revived.

Hoping this is the start of a new trend.

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