Point to the Plane

Every morning when Mathilda wakes up we sit in a yellow chair by the window. I feed her for a bit as she slowly wakes up for the day. After she’s done eating, we sit and look out the window as the sun starts to come up.

One day, not long ago, she made a noise when looking toward the sky. When I looked, I saw an airplane flying over and its lights were flashing. And that’s when "point to the plane" began. Sometimes we’ll see one off in the distance, and other times we’ll hear one overhead first, and then we’ll see it fly by. She loves the planes.

Today, she saw a plane and made her noise as if to say, "See it, mom" and when I said, "Point to the plane" she did. I smiled and I told her that she’s a smart kid.

Another milestone. Another day closer to becoming a kid.


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