Out from under a rain cloud…

… and into the sunshine.

As of last Monday, I have officially gotten out of a funk that I had been in for a couple of months. I think it all started with the whole Mathilda issue at work. A dark cloud had been hanging over my head and several things got under my skin that I never usually let affect me, and today was the first day of a work week, in a long while, where I didn’t wake up saying, “Ah crap, I’ve gotta go to work.”

I shared stuff at house church yesterday and had them play a song that totally moved me when I was talking to God last week. I told Jonathan yesterday that I had gotten just gotten out of a funk when he asked me how I was and he said, “Next time, send me a text and ask me to pray for you. I won’t ask why just ask me to pray.” I said thank you and that I would tuck that away and that I didn’t ask him to pray because I have my pride. He smiled a kind smile.

It’s nice to have the proverbial sun shining. It’s actually quite refreshing.


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  1. Jainie

    You are never alone. Reach out…even with as little energy as you have. Someone will be there to love you through it my dear sister. xoxox 2 Jn. 12.

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